About Me

My name is James Peutherer, I am a 20 year old student at the University of Nottingham.

 Whilst I’m currently studying Politics and International Relations as well as working over the summer break in Investment Research, career wise I have always felt myself drawn to my true passion. 
Motorsport has been a massive part of my life for as long as I can remember, I jumped with joy when Lewis Hamilton won his first World Championship in 2008 and I jumped for joy when Lando Norris picked up his first podium at Austria in 2020.
Whilst being involved in real life motorsport has always been a dream of mine, I have ingrained myself in the world of sim racing and sim racing media on and off since the age of 12. Currently, I help run an online racing league known as SimWEC (https://www.simwec.com/)  – which provides endurance style racing primarily on Project Cars 2. Whilst being involved in the administration of SimWEC, I have undertaken the role of presenting a series of broadcasts focused around our GT Challenge series. 
Whilst presenting the series has given me vital experience in how to run a broadcast and the ability to get to grips with Open Broadcast Studio, I found my feet the best in the commentary booth.
I spent years at school involved in stage productions both on stage and behind the screen, and spent 8 years at Stagecoach Performing Arts where performing at venues such as Her Majesty’s Theatre in London, helped me develop my skills of working in a team and most importantly, public speaking and performance through speech.

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